Give Healing Live Music to Someone In Need

Live music charity for recovering patients of all ages & their loved ones.

Give Healing Live Music to Someone In Need

Live music charity for recovering patients & families

live music charity

Healing Music For Patients of All Ages and Their Loved Ones

Harmony & Healing artists use Zoom to deliver professional live musical performances for patients and their loved ones wherever they may be in the world!

Harmony & Healing performances lift spirits and take patients’ and their caretakers minds off their challenges with music.

Anyone who is invited, anywhere in the world can share in a Harmony & Healing “Virtual Visit”. We can even provide a recording of the event for posterity.

Harmony & Healing is not formal “music therapy”, but rather a soulful, connective journey into the most pleasant memories and associations of patient’s lives. Music lowers stress levels, brings about positive associations, speeds healing, and brings happiness to patient’s lives and the lives of their loved ones.

If you have a loved one or friend in need, schedule a Harmony & Healing Musical Zoom Visit today!

How Does It Work?

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Family member or friend submits a virtual musical visit request

Live Music Charity - Harmony & Healing 2
Live Music Charity - Harmony & Healing 3

Harmony & Healing contacts requested or appropriate musician for virtual visit

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Live Music Charity - Harmony & Healing 5

Musician contacts requestor to schedule a convenient time for the visit

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Your Harmony & Healing visit happens.

Partners In Kindness

Harmony & Healing is proud to work with companies that share our commitment to brighten the lives of patients in need as well as their families.

Thanks to your generous support, our inaugural event was a tremendous success!

Our 2nd annual Harmony & Healing Benefit Concert will be held on Saturday, November 5th, 2022 at the beautiful Bankhead Theater in Livermore, CA

We’re looking forward to the return of SUPERGROUP SF, performing some of the greatest rock hits of all time, along with some new very special guest artists and a few other surprises!

2nd annual
benefit concert

Virtual Musical Visits

Harmony & Healing’s primary mission is to deliver live music to patients and their families. As a result of the pandemic, we switched our primary method of delivering our service to virtual visits.

Virtual visits can include anyone, anywhere in the world and are primarily done via free services including Zoom, Facetime or similar systems. Let us know your requirements. A great & loving gift for the holidays!

Learn more about these customizable visits here.

Where do the donations go?

Our talented healing musical performers are paid for their services, and patients and their families are never asked to pay for our live musical performances. That’s why it’s important to show your support by donating to allow us to continue to provide the most fragile among us with the healing power of music. 

Give the gift of healing, live music today!

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The Latest Harmony & Healing music charity News

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Harmony & Healing works only with professional, performing musicians and carefully screens them to ensure sensitive, caring and quality patient and family interactions.

Founder David Victor is a San Francisco Bay Area performer, formerly of the multi-platinum band BOSTON. David manages the charity and delivers many of these performances, along with many other world-class musicians.

For more information about Harmony & Healing or to connect with David, please visit our Contact page