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Harmony & Healing Basics for Artists

Basic Information for Participating Artists

What Is Harmony & Healing? (Watch this Video Artists!)

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Harmony & Healing believes in the power of music to bring light and comfort, especially during life’s most tender moments. That’s why we connect talented, compassionate artists with hospice and hospital patients and their families, offering live Zoom musical performances filled with joy and connection.

Our artists perform live via Zoom, sometimes for just one patient, and other times for a whole group gathered together. Think of yourself as going on a special “musical visit” – sharing stories behind the music, and then filling the space with your beautiful sound. 

Performances can be soloists or small groups (easier to schedule with just one other person). 

To make these visits special, a home studio setup with good lighting and sound is mandatory. If you can carry the performance with your voice and instrument, that’s amazing! Backing tracks add a welcome fullness, and for vocalists, they’re a must.

A quick test-recording on Zoom beforehand will reveal any tech gremlins hiding in the background. You can record yourself anytime and play it back to determine if your setup is working properly. Technology can be a bit mischievous sometimes!

Musical Visits usually last between 30 minutes to an hour, giving you time to really connect with your audience.


Conducting Musical Zoom Visits

If you are accepted as a Harmony & Healing Visiting Artist, you will be added to the schedule to deliver virtual performances via Zoom for our patients. Naturally you will be able to accept or turn down any request we send you based on your schedule. Visits are typically scheduled on weekdays (95% of the time), either late morning or early afternoon. 

We’ll equip you with essential information about the patient and any specific requests they might have. 

During your performance, we encourage you to interact with patients by taking song requests, sharing musical stories or experiences. However, you must never ask their names, why they’re “in there”, or any other personal information due to HIPAA considerations (patient privacy). 

Technical Requirements

At minimum, to ensure a seamless virtual performance, artists will need:

  • A stable internet connection 
  • Access to the Zoom platform
  • A professional quality microphone
  • A professional quality mixer

It’s easy to check the results; simply ask a friend to view/listen to a Zoom session.

Further technical requirements, if any, will be communicated during the onboarding process.

Jordyn Foley performing a Harmony & Healing virtual musical visit


Artists are compensated for their hard work by Harmony & Healing with a fee of $100 per successful (it actually happened and wasn’t cancelled) musical visits. No payments are made for cancelled visits. Payments are typically made via Zelle or PayPal. You’ll receive complete information before you do a musical visit. 

Training and Support

Harmony & Healing is dedicated to providing our artists with the necessary support and resources. This includes training sessions to prepare you for your virtual performances and access to a supportive artist community. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Time Commitment

A typical virtual musical visit runs approximately 30-45 minutes. It can go longer if the Artist wishes. 

We understand that our artists have varying schedules. However, we do ask for some regular availability, typically weekday afternoons. You may perform once per quarter, once a month, or more often. Typically our Participating Artists can expect to perform several times per year, depending on the number of requests and genre of music requested by our patients. 

Specifics of this will be discussed during the onboarding process and prior to each musical visit.

Code of Ethics and Professionalism

As a representative of Harmony & Healing, we expect all artists to uphold a high standard of professionalism and ethical conduct. This encompasses respecting the privacy and dignity of our patients, adhering to our guidelines for suitable content and interaction, and punctuality for scheduled performances.

What Are You Waiting For?

Together, we can make a profound difference in people’s lives through the universal language of music. If you’re ready to use your musical talents to enhance someone’s life journey, we look forward to welcoming you as a Harmony & Healing participating artist. 

Guidestar Bronze SealFounded in January, 2019, Harmony & Healing is a hospital and healthcare facility music charity, and an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, founded by San Ramon resident and former BOSTON band member, David Victor. 

Our EIN is 83-3162389 and our mailing address is:

11040 Bollinger Canyon Road Suite E-938
San Ramon, CA 94582

Our phone number is: 925.364.4517

See our non-discrimination policy here.

Learn more about how Harmony & Healing started here.