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Why I founded a Live Music Charity

As a performing member of the platinum selling band BOSTON back in 2012, I noticed how the people were mesmerized and transported back to their youth when listening to the great hits of yesteryear. I was intrigued that even the hardcore BOSTON fans didn’t seem to care who got out of the “spaceship”; they only cared that you were reproducing this great music live that resurfaced old, warm memories and made them feel good.

While on tour, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to perform live acoustic music for some sick children at Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, California. These kids didn’t really know the BOSTON catalog, but they nonetheless truly seemed to appreciate the vibe and spirit of the music, and the fact that the performer was singing to them.

At first shy, the children’s parents all eventually approached me and shyly asked, “Could you come play for my baby next?”

As I met and played for more and more of the kids, I realized that the spirit of music and the feeling it communicated was a universal healing power that bypassed the brain and went straight to the soul of these unfortunate children. 

Walking out to the parking lot, I felt as if I were on Cloud 9, and had a flash of inspiration that I needed to use music to lift the spirits of the most fragile among us: hospital patients, their families, and loved ones. 

Thus, the idea of Harmony & Healing was born. 

Guidestar Bronze SealFounded in January, 2019, Harmony & Healing is a hospital and healthcare facility music charity, and an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, founded by San Ramon resident and former BOSTON band member, David Victor. 

Our EIN is 83-3162389 and our mailing address is:

11040 Bollinger Canyon Road Suite E-938
San Ramon, CA 94582

Our phone number is: 925.364.4517

See our non-discrimination policy here.

Learn more about how Harmony & Healing started here.