Harmony & Healing Begins Virtual Visits With the Martinez VA Hospital

Harmony & Healing, a nonprofit providing live musical performances via Zoom to patients, recently began offering regular virtual concerts to veterans at the Martinez VA Hospital. The organization, founded by musician David Victor, held its inaugural virtual visit on Halloween Day 2023, delighting patients with favorite tunes.

Victor, a former guitarist and co-lead vocalist for the multiplatinum band BOSTON, received many heartwarming requests that day – everything from The Beatles to Journey. “Seeing those smiles onscreen as we performed was incredibly rewarding,” he said.

“I even had two requests for Barbara Streisand, and I gave ‘it ‘Memories’ a shot a capella,” he added. “I think they were appreciative of the effort!”

Harmony & Healing has brought the healing power of music to hospitals across the country since its establishment in 2019. While COVID-19 halted most in-person musical visits, the organization pivoted to virtual concerts so patients nationwide can now enjoy professional, uplifting performances from common areas or in their rooms.

The Martinez VA holds a special place for Victor, as his father-in-law, a Korean War veteran, received care there before passing away peacefully in August 2023. Victor is honored to give back to the hospital through the power of music.

“We plan to continue these virtual concerts on a regular basis,” he said. “Our mission is to lift spirits through song anytime, anywhere. If we can brighten days for our veterans, that’s a wonderful thing.”

Harmony & Healing relies on donations to keep their musical mission going.

To learn more, visit HarmonyAndHealing.org.

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