Harmony & Healing LIVE!

As we matriculate through the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, one thing is for certain: people need music and they need to smile! A new Facebook Live broadcast by Harmony & Healing founder, David Victor, attempts to help people do just that.

Friday afternoons, David does his part to provide a few smiles, some harmony and some healing via his Friday afternoon shows on Facebook Live called Harmony & Healing LIVE!

The show is typically broadcast between 1pm and 1:30pm on Fridays, and runs typically about 30 minutes.

On the show, David plays music, tells stories and welcomes special guests, including many musicians and other music business personalities with whom David has worked over the years.

Past guests have included guitarist Roby Duron, guitarist Clay Bell, vocalist Jordyn Foley, Bankhead Theater director Chris Carter and long-time Salt Lake City classic rock DJ, Gary Michaels.

So tune in Friday afternoons to the Harmony & Healing Facebook page here, and enjoy some good times during the lockdown.

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