George Mark Children’s House Pediatric Hospice

Harmony & Healing is overjoyed to announce our new association with the George Mark Children’s House, a pediatric hospice care facility.

Harmony & Healing will be providing regular “virtual musical Zoom visits” for patients at the facility. Today’s featured performer is our very own “Disney princess” and mega-talented vocalist, Jordyn Foley.

George Mark Children’s House is located in San Leandro, California. They focus on quality of life and continuity of care for children with illnesses that modern healthcare cannot yet cure or for those who have chronic medical conditions. George Mark was the first freestanding pediatric palliative care center in the United States and has been a leader and model for the pediatric palliative care movement since 2004.

We here at Harmony & Healing hope that one day centers like the George Mark Children’s House will become a standard of care for every child facing a chronic or terminal medical condition.

Jordyn Foley was a finalist on the “X-Factor”, and has performed with SUPERGROUP SF at the past two Harmony & Healing Benefit Concerts. Jordyn brings a very special love of all things Disney to her performances, including dialog from the movies in which the songs are featured.

Our very special thanks to Kyle Amsler, Child Life Coordinator for the George Mark Children’s House for granting us the opportunity to serve our mission.

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