Participating artists must have their own way to broadcast and be clearly heard in their home studios. Here are some tips and pointers from our professional musician partners working with Harmony & Healing.

Professional Audio & Video Streaming Requirements

As a Harmony & Healing participating artist, you must have a stable internet connection and the equipment necessary in order to create a pleasing experience for the patients. 

At minimum you must have:

  • A streaming network connection suitable for clear, stable video.
  • A professional quality microphone – AKG or Shure condenser mic, Shure SM58, SM7 or equivalent
  • A mic stand is recommended
  • An audio mixer – this may be the most important piece of equipment, especially for our performers who have musical accompaniment, such as a guitar, piano or pre-recorded tracks.
  • Tracks: If using tracks, you’ll need a way to quickly call up the track. Patients or their loved ones almost always request specific songs.

Equipment Sampler

(Coming soon!)

Thank You For Your Support!